Strong Suit

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Meet the Band

SeanP Bates
Sean P Bates: Lead Vocals, Keyboard

Justin S Davis
Justin S Davis: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Gary Westlake
Gary Westlake: Guitar, Backing Vocals

keith Ash
Keith Ash: Bass

Chris Friel
Chris Friel: Drums



Strong Suit has been called a Seattle super group, which might sound strange considering you may not have heard of some of the musicians in the band. But if you’ve seen much live music in Seattle, you’ve probably seen these guys play. Strong Suit is made up of the some of the most in demand, most respected sidemen in town, each getting the chance in this project to play to their strength- their Strong Suit- free from the restrictions of someone else’s name on the marquee.

The seed was planted in 2012 when Sean and Justin finally fulfilled their longtime desire to write music together. Soon after the pair had worked out a few tunes, they got ahold of the best players they knew, guys they had been playing with in various projects for years, and the result was stunning: the whole much greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone realized this was an opportunity for a whole new kind of project, and Strong Suit was born. A week later they played their first show, one of the perks afforded a band of pros!

This is a great live band. Their shows are bursting with energy, excitement, and chops. For a taste, take a listen to their debut EP. The band recorded the tracks live at Studio Litho in one day (only one of the songs took a second take, the rest were all first takes). The following day they added a little polish- acoustic guitars, backup vocals, etc.- and that was it! Mix, master, release. When you see the band live, the music is just as tight as on the record, but full of wild improvisations and that intense symbiotic energy that the best bands find with their audiences.

These guys are some of the busiest working players in Seattle, which means the band doesn’t get to play together very often. Don't miss your next chance to see STRONG SUIT!